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New EP from former Atoms Fam front man Cryptic One.

Video for 122112:


released November 12, 2013

Raps by me

All tracks produced by the original artists that I s̶t̶o̶l̶e̶ borrowed these instrumentals from

Additional raps on Stage Left by Alaska
mixed and mastered by PJ Katz at Fat Buckle Audio :



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Grid
Examine the process
Up close and honest
alone no accomplice
Promise nothing but a brief observation
A peek through the curtain
See the man behind the person
Stripped down version
No armor no shield
Refound purpose
Snake charmer’s not real
But yet we buy what they sellin
And settle for these pebbles
Instead of gelling the rebellion
Bravery seen on the scene so seldom....but after?
extra helpings of that endless dream telling
Aint that a world thats so compelling
But Im settling on a planted on the earth kind of dwelling
Its a humble reality based bunker
Such a blunder laughing in the face of wonder
I retraced the thunder and found where it lives
And Im juicing it for power then im skidding off the grid

Back on the grid, back online
New cape new goggles, new frame of mind
Embrace the mishaps
Then break the shrink wrap
Quickly tap the thin fish glass
Not for the quick cash
Kept away from the way the pastor say to pass the day
A castaway that found his own path and way
Thats the way this oreo crumbling
And if you wondering...
I'm just a journeyman on a humble adventure
Middle finger to the censors
No retreat no surrender
Tell the bartender, blue… neat
Tip the bar keeps
Place the bait its shark week
Dark belief.. thats wrapped in this swig of hope
Wait a second chief… i think we might need a bigger boat
Or a smaller ocean to float in
Better yet...a stronger potion to soak in
Im floating..... off the grid
Track Name: Make Room
Awaken in a safe haven
Sense my sarcasm?
Hence the dark chasm
Just another bump in road
Just another wart on the toad
Regain control
Never really lost it
Just cautious
Accept my losses
Then closed the office
And we opening at dawn again
Re-forming ornaments with former friends
Another tournament ends
According to them cyclical marketing trends
What goes around comes back around new and improved
Last chance.. in pursuit of the truth
In new shoes
Plus we recruiting the troops
And who knew?
Glued between
Not soon enough and too soon
Rest the rest of the unrest in its tomb
Doomed to live a life like Emitt Fitz Hume
Take a little shock to save the day from doom
Bust thru ceiling in the clutch … so make room

Make room
Make room
So make room
Make room
Make room
Make room
Make room

Trailers, no movies
Write when it moves me
Truly unruly
Eff you sue me
Pretend you knew me
You found the ugly in beauty
Eff you sue me
Track Name: Where Do We Go From Here?
The only thing certain is the path is uncertain
Despite the apt searching
The pattern's not emerging
Emerging emergency
Tardiness verse urgency
Another murder spree
Drone strike them worker bees
Just a cursory glance
At the devils dance
The emporers lost his clothes
And the devils wearing his fancy pants
Virtual soap box, shitty twitter rants
And all that botox wont smooth your rants wrinkles champ
Sorry, that truth dont feel so great
Calmly, gather troops to secretly seel your fate
Conceal the make and model
Paper bag drapes the bottle
Take the cape and goggles off
To reshape the novel
The puppet now controls the mad puppateer
Guzzle that down 2013 is the published year

Where do we go from here?

we go straight up to the crowsnest
With no rest
Charge through a heavy fog
Caress the hot bod of progress
Go west
Til the wild west becomes the new east
The ref said the death bed needs new sheets
Who greets death wearing suede blue cleats
Not me… aint been at my door for a few weeks
Never answer when he appears cause… fear
Ill drink to that there, salud, prosperity, cheers
Lost many that fell that were held dear
Fuck that I lost my buzz.. plus Im almost of beer

Where do we go from here

We go straight up to the liquor store and get some more
And a bottle a blue for my troubles dont forget a little pour
For those no longer in the picture drawn
I miss them more
Wish they didnt pick the straw
That prematurely kicked em off
Enough of the yesteryears and them defeaning tears
Time to look forward… until the next time death appears
Where do we go from here
Track Name: SOS
Tts raw beef… tar tar…. bloody
Stupid, accident, parked car? dummy
Har har funny
Ants vs aardvarks
Its chum chips vs card sharks

These are pretty calm parts til the sparks start
And where theres sparks, fire is soon to follow
Loud barks followed by that bite - chew - swallow
Doesnt really matter that the reasons seemed hollow

Some meant to lead and others meant to follow
He didnt have the option of a model role model
So he looks toward celebrity
Entity slash false remedy…..worse than the malady son

Dont expect saving when the calvary comes
Prolly be worse off once the paegentry's done
Heres to hoping that Im wrong in the song
Not every busted duckling is reborn a swan

Its just the same ole same

He seeks a clean slate
Dream state
Reshape the story
Escapes the gates
He takes the glory

Instead he awakes to that same ole same
The same ole games
The same blood same old veins
Same despair
Same burden to bear
Same ole scares
The same what whys whos hows & wheres
Same truth and dares
Same old dudes in suits that stare
This story aint rare

A dime a dozen
For this ten dollar discussion
Straight out the oven to the volcanic eruption
Or out the frying pan in to the furnace
From the freak show straight to the circus

Even if youre out the picture yall… goes on
If your picture fall out the frame….. life goes on
If the picture's all in your head….. life goes on
Time to make some new pictures prove your past ones wrong

Avoid the same old same
Track Name: Plexiglass Ceiling
I walked in the curch
And asked a question of the reverend
No snowballs in hell?
How bout fireballs in heaven?
He looked at me puzzled… and said "hmm… amen"
And replied nonchalantly with a "hadoken"

Then he said "take that at face value ace"
Ok rev, but thats based on how that face rates
Most taste that with a grain of salt… paltry
Then complain about the grain and get salty

Faulty wiring that needs to get fixed
Im wise to the owls trick of the tootsie pop licks
Stop biting… know of your cookie jar vicks
You wont like when……. you get your prized rookie card ripped

Was on strike then
Knew it was no cookie cutter trip
Look he mutters bits pieces flipped
Until the puzzle fits
If the muzzle fits wear it on the pulpit the culprit sits
Bust through the ceiling in the clutch… fuck this

Bust through the ceiling in the clutch fuck this
Fuck this

So kept my head above the rafters
So i could see the clouds
The befores that came after
Unfriendly caspers
Pose no answers
So dear, no antlers
Go tell the chancellor

Proud tri lambda
Cool nerd to the core man
See what Im building
And this is just the floor plan
War jams pure but If the music is dull it sits
Bust through the ceiling in the clutch fuck this

So kept my my head on that held high
Took lumps and welted eyes
Survived where hell thrived
Escaped by my molar skin
That sobering moment
i am my worse opponent
Took a while to get it through my big skull its thick
Bust through the ceiling in the clutch… fuck this

So kept my head off the headstones
Found life in headphones
Zen home the endzone
Pen roams and wanders
Conjures that get grown honor
Killing off the drama I once harbored

Polish the armor
Absence made my heart grow fonder
Looking for help they asked of rhonda
It took a minute new chapters out for public
Bust through the ceiling in the clutch… fuck this

So kept my head out my ass, right?
Half right dark corridors no flashlight
You hear that laugh right?
In my past life i walked right passed life
And never paused to hear the bagpipes

Sad right?Experience breeds character
Thats mad nice
But also breeds high calibur massacre
The NRA sticking to them guns and clips?
Fuck what they dealing up such dumb pricks

Bust through the ceiling in the clutch…. fuck this
Track Name: Stage Left feat. Alaska
I found more problems than solutions
Stayed in seclusion
Keep loved ones in confusion
And known to nurture some illusions
And purposefully left a few of my loose screws in

But aint it soothin not to heard?
Enough about loosing now Im cruising towards first
And i aint talking bout my placement
Had to dig deep creep below the basement

Aimless and wondering what i came for
Not something im known wait for
Aim for the upwards
Word up to rushed curves
No brakes needed
Take heed to the absurd

Serve what needs to be purged from my cupboard
Chopped champion
Planning an up surge
Cut first and questions after
He who laughs last in the face of disaster

Also laughs loudest so increase the volume
Season of the monsoon, that sinks the pontoon
Mood swings from the branch like primates
Two things, you live once and life's short. So why wait?
No time like the present, but the present just left
Its time for the next shit… so exit stage left

The final bow
They closed the curtains
The lights dim to diminishing returns
Its a bitter bit of medicine
A bigger step to better Tim
The body is a temple but the mental is a tenement

A tent city
Immense and sprawling
Boiling with intensity and senseless brawling
No one gets out alive
Get out your alibis
Get out of dodge before the gods will have you calcified

Lot's wife
Your lot in life a salt pillar
All filler hypertension
Lets mention the false killers
Grand standing black sheep to van damning
Vanglorious boring us with your X Clanning
Eddie Baur flower power mixed into the sour patch
That's just how the hours pass
Sands within the hour glass
No time like the present, but the present just left
Its time for the next shit, so exit stage left
Track Name: 122112
Make your choice is it cold or hot shoulder
Im sworn to secrecy, code of stock holders
(We're doomed)
Spit in the hand shake.. nose to foldgers
Throw a little extra salt shaken over the shoulder
Fuck grover
Norquest and the waiter
They lack that organ that rests north of the equator
(We're doomed)
Went off the radar
Now here to cater
Sauce with extra capers
Now guess who caught the vapors?
Nobody beats him
But this aint no competition
Beware of the overflow in your pot to piss in
And open up the window before you throw it out
Could it be so simple
To set fire to your doubts
(We're doomed)
Gods in the foxhole?
Well devils in the details
Dodge all the pot holes
Pace of a sea snail
They say that idle hands are the devils tools
Well I wonder where we'll all be
When the metal cools
Its up to who?

Its up to who?
Its up to you?
(We're doomed)
You're such a fool

Avoid the head swell
Dont listen to the chatter
Dont deal with death well
Or life for that matter
(We're doomed)
No chaperones
In the depths of these catacomvs
Seems that this mad hatter got pertinent data wrong
(We're doomed)
But he avoided execution
Dilute polutants
In search of retribution
Lets the truth in
in small doses
At the core
Fog of war
Its difficult to focus
Boggled by the world as it topples
Searching for solutions at the bottom of some bottles
See the first one to fall was the first one to wobble
Hit the throttle to avoid the impending boondoggle
From the cobble stone streets to the green front lawn
To the coddled and weak to the seasoned and strong
They say that idle hands are the devils tools
Well I wonder where we'll all be
when that metal cools
Its up to who?

Its up to who?
Really you?
Shit we're all doomed

We're all doomed
We're all doomed

(We're doomed)

Todays was the day that the mayans said
Lying or procrastinating earthly doom that lies ahead
(We're doomed)
See the sillouettes… shapes of ravens
Praying to the shaman for sunlight and safe haven
(We're doomed)
Instead got the dark grave and
Just another brother in the midst of modern day slave trading
They say that idle hands are the devils tools
Well I wonder where we'll all be
Once the metal cools
These idle hands are the devils tools
I wonder where we'll all be
Once the metal cools
Its nothing new
Track Name: View From the Crowsnest
Im staring at this blank page
Actually an empty text document
I think we're living in our last days
Good luck to the next occupants
And so sorry for the mess we left
Well just put it on our tab ok?
Enjoy every second you have left
Never know if the rest will get swept away

Im not a fan of death,
Outside of movies and video games
Written text, paintings and theater plays
(Im a fan)
Removed that disguise
(too late)
But opened up my eyes for the very first times
I wont sleep well the night it all dies
So many planned deaths and many unplanned lives

Overloaded with supplies... useless
Destined demise... we knew this but went on with our lives, stupid
The truth is
We should have tried harder
We should have done more
To ensure your tomorrow
Instead the earth you inherit is weak
We should have worked like serfs
Just to bury them sheep

But we sat back
Nesting pack rats
And cant back track to the exact time
Just know that I sign this here in my right mind

The left would see the grotesque and protest
So scared to rock the boat we missed the view from the crowsnest
And could have seen what we already knew
Instead I sit here typing this letter to you

But even then, its too late
Theres nothing to do
It used to be when but now the question is who

I guess to whoevers out the
On behalf of us all... Im sorry... so sorry
Track Name: Eternal Work in Progress
This was all all very neccesary
Sometimes you just need to let it out right?
This is one of them times
So check it

This is one of those apology songs
Where i apologize to all the loved ones i done wrong
Pardon me a sec, because that list is type long
And I dont know where to start
In these matters of the heart

To those that pump the same blood
Fam thats you
That love for ya mom and dad
Dont always shine through
I hope you know it
And if you didnt now you do
I appreciate everything you've done and you do

Have such great friends, tho at times i dont deserve you
Emotions on lock down, dead bolts, curfews
Yall held me down even when i pushed yall away
Good looking
All that pushing getting put away today

This is the realest things I've ever wrote
Most people i dont let em close
Emotionally bellicose
Learning to let go
Eternal work in progress
Trying to get better tho
Openness a foreign concept

This is my first stamp in that passport
Turning a new leaf, sorry for being a bad sport
Late to the airport, but better late than not at all
Sick of waiting for that other shoe thats gonna fall

And to that bird out west
That sat through my stress and duress
Impossible to impress
Tough love when it was best
Didnt make it out west to your ceremony
Shoulda tried harder… bird, who better knows me?

And to that wonder that is
From the bottom of my blood pumper
Got love for you miss
You were always missed
From the second things dipped to a mess
Couldnt have handled that worse, i confess

Sorry, I can hardly say that enough
Sorry, saying it at all is still kinda tough
Sorry, thankful yall aint ever call my bluffs
So sorry, see these connections never getting snuffed

And to my bredren that are resting in that pirate cove
That further region season was needed i was kinda cold
So tough to open up when shut down mode was all ive known
for the past few
cashew (nuts)
thank you for a second home

And to them fans that dig the tunes
That suffer my abuse of updates and coming soons
All i can promise is ill try and do better
It took me 6 years to see its tunes that keep me glued togther
And yall make me wanna improve
With every word i write… to every sample, chord, or groove
I know im crazy yall… of this im very sure
A little less crazed today than than the days before
I owe you all

I owe you all, fam, fans, and friends
I love you all…… the end… nah this aint pretend
And if i never say it again… just press play
Sorry……I dont know what else to say but

Sorry,I can hardly say it enough
Sorry, saying it at all is still kinda tough
Sorry, thankful yall aint ever call my bluffs
Sorry, see these connections never getting snuffed…