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World According​.​.​.​2

by Cryptic One

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released March 31, 2017

All tracks written, produced, arranged, mixed, mastered, conceived, released, touched, by Cryptic One @ The Crows Nest, BK for Perpetual Madness Sounds

Additional vocals by SelfSays on Bottoms Up



all rights reserved
Track Name: Caged Bird
The World According 2
As in the sequel

From the safety of the shore I watched the carrier crash
I keep a ship in a bottle. Plus carry a flask
I see the camera flash...will that stamina last?
But that's a thing of the past
Like carrying cash
I went from paragon to some carrion fast
Weary of the fear I managed to craft out of my ass
Shit I'm just faking it til I'm making it passed
I can't escape it so I break it in half
Now at both ends burns the candle
Me and wack belong together
Like socks and sandals 
Creating daily and continuing to fascinate
I keep meaning to procrastinate
I'll get to that next week
For now regurgitating words to your baby birds beaks
I find it easy to speak at speak easys
And seek to have my speech leave you uneasy and weak

It's a long way up
But a longer way down
But gravity?
Easier to come by than wings

It ain't always been rough
Found comfort in the sound
Emitting from the cage as the caged bird sings
As the caged bird sings
As the caged bird sings
As the caged bird sings
Sound emitting from the cage as that caged bird sings
Track Name: Bottoms Up feat. SelfSays
See that old man, with old plans, and old wisdom
Old habit to stay active in activism
He smoked pot in the pot that he pissed in
With his middle finger to the sky screaming fuck the system

And one could argue maybe he's flawed by design
And one could argue yall ignored all the signs
And one could argue after the fall comes the climb
I could argue all that arguing a complete waste of time

They think its written in some codes in some psalms
Even the most ignorant of snakes knows he's charmed
And that's how you remain sober and calm
Shit... my panics on display and its growing in swarms

Y'all worried about staying well strapped?
Taking 2 steps forward to take 12 steps back
I mourn at the mass grave of all these dead facts
And I wait and pray for the day they all get back

a wise man once said that things go in cycles
perhaps thats why its so frightful
If life will return just a little too far back
When America was greeeat and it was a crime to be black

a wise man once said that things go in cycles
perhaps thats why I'm so spiteful
Repeating past mistakes so much my stress ball broke
Ground hog day meets that west world host

In many ways so many things have really changed
In many ways so many things have stayed the same
The solution to your thirst aint to pray for the rain
The aim is to locate that river of change
Bottoms up

Get off my lawn
Increasing my wisdom
Hair follicles gone damn
Cant keep up with the slang talking turn ups
And how shit is hella lit
I would sound hella lame
If I tried to sound the same
A bunch of hands for the Instagrams displaying stupidity
For a moment of fleeting attention
Humanity's missing
Or at least its going through some sort of change of definition
A part of history I hope that never sees the repetition
Nowadays folks lack the cognition
I guess it's probably always been
And this is just the latest trend
Im sure they said the same thing about us like
These young bucks think they really know whassup
And whats funny is we were once those young bucks
But those young bucks have got to grow up
We've got to grow up
Bottoms up
Track Name: Mind of Minutiae
He had his mind aligned with his future
But assigned his time to minutiae
Ignoring the cries of the rooster
Wake up and smell that Starbucks trooper
Under achiever and over snoozer

Far from a loser
But he's hard on himself
Such any easy bruiser
He got scars and some welts
Just another callous turned to armor and it helps
That great poker face cant replace the cards that he was dealt

They dealt him from the bottom of the deck
Its common
The only thing he's promised is his death
Its solemn
But thats a black mans calling in this mess
Dont ever ask a brother why he's stressed

Unless you've been equally oppressed
By that same system thats suposed to serve & protect
That star on your chest, doesnt come with the respect
When you learn that that's earned ill be impressed

He has his mind aligned with his future
By 9 knew he'd be a state trooper
He answered the cries of that rooster
Spent time with a 9 natural shooter
Over achiever, never snoozer

In school he was a loser
Dreams of that big big badge and big cruiser
If not now… then sooner
Walked the streets but ready for Fallujah
Traded in minutiae for new barrel roll maneuvers

The ace up his sleeve for duress
Its common
Look what he's achieved… not impressed?
A lawman
Thats this white mans calling in this mess
Dont ever ask that white man why he's blessed

Unless you can equally invest
in that same system thats left an economic mess
That star on my chest… deserves all your respect
So best learn that i earned it… or get wrecked
Track Name: Swipe Left
So over developed
But under prepared
It took too long for us to see theres nothing here
you wax poetic about the love we shared
Well let me tell you hon, our situation is nothing rare

And I aint bummed, and I aint learned from my mistakes
I'll keep bashing my head into the same wall until it breaks
I cringe upon impact…
But in fact
I'm talking about the wall yall. my hard head? Remains intact

I'm laughing with you and at you at the same time
Keep playing victim while committing the same crimed
Pay too much mind to what them doubters say
Well easy come...easy get the fuck out of the way

Split quick, the same way that you entered
And welcome to the center, of this choose your own adventure
Shit... well how it ends?
Yo that's anyones guess
And I guess we can stay friends… But I'm off to the next
I swipe left

Love, the next disposable commodity
Lets shatter them hopes like broken pottery
Better shot at the lottery
Your probably not that statistical anomaly

Love's a needle in a haystack in hurricane season
She wants payback for some dumb insane reason
Never been rejected for a day in her life
So now she feels neglected as her days turn to nightd

Hollow, weak, stop! It must end
Swipe left, unfollow, delete, block, unfriend
Well how it ends… shit that's anyones guess
No way we can be friends… So I'm off to the next
I swipe left
Track Name: Empty A (Subway Life)
Daily on the train you see so much different stuff
The steamy smell on that homeless dude shit's drifting up
Millennial hipsters sipping liquor from sippy cups
Hetero males pole dancing for just sixteen bucks

Armed preteens half my height yelling stick em up
Two dudes discussing the crux of last nights nip & tuck
A woman smack the wrong guy she thought pinched her butta
A man lost to his hallucination in fisticuffs

Welcome to the everyday of the MTA
I wonder what madness we see again today
Such a small price to pay
For the show of a lifetime… lets play

A beautiful bouquet in a pool of puke
two women in miniskirts and heels playing hula hoops
tourists reading maps looking too confused
a scary looking biker dude helping them choose their route

a group of commuters clones in their blue suits
A woman with a bag over her head protecting her newest do
A dude sneaking a pic of some cuties boobs
And her punching him hard screaming "i know what youre doing dude"

Welcome to the everyday of the MTA
I wonder what madness we see again today
Such a small price to pay
For the show of a lifetime… lets play

drunk dudes
punk crews
flat tops
dance shows
mad cops
stank eye
stink face
cold stare
pink lace
churro girl
pizza crust
rat swarm

watch those
closing doors
cover your
open sores
train delay
alter course
bull horn

turn styles
metro cards
some times
movie stars
skip those
super charged Uber cars
boring in comparison
to subway nights
embrace the savageness
and love this life
theres no comparison
to subway life
embrace the savageness
and love this right?
And love this right?
And love this right?
I love this right
I love this right
And hate it
Track Name: Rise Up!
the situation it's quite ominous
Im not implying its the dawn of the apocalypse
the highest office in the land devoid of competence
uninformed people discussing politics with confidence

commoners worshipping all the opulence
yet americas confidence is high
the hollowness combined with this orange kids lies
the same people that feared that Obama fist, why?

because his skin was darker than yours
because he didnt start enough wars?
the elephant in the room is that that elephant is black
dear whitehouse, can we bring inteligence back?

signed sincerely your sanity
we're led by lust and that vanity
we dont need to agree on anything but the facts
but when it comes to facts they have that convenient memory lapse

its the syndrome of the ostrich but their heads in their ass
we cant let this shit past
havent we learned the past
I guess not
we gotta stay stern and steadfast
the bed rock
of democracy
quite possible rocked

to its core
in the resistance i see the passion
and no this is not an over reaction
they plan to over reach into those ovaries action
and the press is so impressed by the distractions

we gotta
rise up
be heard
raise ya fist