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It's No Joke (LTH)

by Cryptic One

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After many conversations with friends, and many posts on social media about people openly being proud that they werent going to vote, i decided to record this

go vote people


Open those eyes in your head, y'all chumps are so fake
Curvy roads ahead y'all, pump those brakes
Believe it or not it's true, love trumps hate
I don't understand fools that really love Trump's hate
Perhaps they misread her message and banner
Well thats proof that grammar and apostrophes matter
Well who will pull the dagger from the stone and take the throne?
I wont name names, but she's heading back home
That's no prediction, just hope
Because that other option aint no option, no jokes go vote
And yeah, yeah you don't love the choices
You don't have to be boisterous
But others died for your voices
So speak up or shut up
Whether scream or song
It doesn't matter that you don't think it matters
Because you're wrong
Why is it important?
Forget all these campaigns and endless disappointments
Think Supreme Court Justice appointments
Plus down ballots matter like black lives
You petulant children you need to be chastised
Cryptic, forever cynic with hope
So exercise your rights and take notes and go vote it's no joke


released November 2, 2016



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