Sleeping Giant

by IT

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Yo. It's like they woke the sleeping giant
The hibernating bear who only cares to be defiant
I'm talking kerosene and fires for a tired scene that's dying
Rather burn it into ashes while bumping some bats for lashes
A heart sick arsonist with arsenic art
Lets get it sparked we've gone from thirsty now we're horribly parched
the revolution won't be monetized no matter how they tell it
Cause caring what they selling ain't rebelling it's just jealous

They jealous of the way that we walk and we talk
They jealous that they dont see flaws, they're P'd off
We sleeping at the end of that beanstalk
And tipping the balance of lifes seesaws
We swore
That we'd uphold our ends of the bargain
And squeeze the juice from music like charmen
Well amen
The fam and our alliance is back
from hiatus
And yeah we're still giants on tracks

Don't get distracted by these titans we're like mayans exact
Whether calendars or calipers the malware of rap
Talking hacktavists just some rappers on that Cryp Alaska shit
relaxed when you heard we're back and shit yourself like laxatives
So I'll just read the art of dreaming bump some Andre nikatima
A little Sem semma with trick daddy and Trina
Got my own 99 so I don't wanna hear your bitch problems
You could say my outlooks between UYD and fifth column

Yeah atoms alliance is back
Back from hiatus
Yeah we're still some giants on tracks
They try to hate us
They should stay silent infact
Remain nameless
Theres no denying the facts
We stay ageless
Well we get better with age
Accepting of my veteren days
and greys
Eff you and your malevolent ways
Just stay
The hell away
From ITs giant inteligent spray

That repellent need for praise is prison pelican bay
And I demand a brand of elegance that fell into place
Like Tetris blocks homes we keep it dirty get your tetanus shots
Your tech is not equipped for IT quips because your tepid hot
Anti For the sake of being anti then your auntie Anne
Novice Pretzel logic shits retarded like it's handiman
Everybody's do the same shit like a line dance
a bunch of shifty writing like ayn rand and mein kamph

yall just some cocky copies of copycats
sound like rocky
copying mumbling sloppy rap
save it for adriene chap
too many blows left your cranium cracked
the belt… we taking it back
peep the alliance
defiant against the norm its on
the change of climate the brainstorm was born at dawn
the silence of the eye of the storm its calm
til us sleeping giants perform then we're gone


released February 27, 2017
lyrics: Alaska & Cryptic One
scratches: DJ paWL
produced by Cryptic One



all rights reserved


Cryptic One Brooklyn, New York

Producer & rapper that is a former member of the NY hip hop crew known as the Atoms Family. Currently in a group called ATOMS that consists of 2 other former Atoms Fam members (windnbreeze & Alaska of Def Jux's "Hangar 18")

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