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The World According To​.​.​.

by Cryptic One

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released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Flawless in Orbit
They're overzealous with what they tell us black
Well fuck them and their aggressive crap
See hip hop's been to hell and back
Overrun by some bums and some underdevelopped rap
Lets bring it back to when that running man was real
And give a clap if you remember how Fonzie made Richard Cunningham feel
Well fuck their happy days
Fuck their appeal
The protective outter shell has been ruptured and peeled
The underlying gumptions revealed, when something is real
You feel it in your skeletal frame, from your gums to your heels
Envelops the brain, feel the hum of the steel
The drum will leave you numb its sureal
Come and get healed
I promised myself not to rap about rap, but here we are
Check where we at on some apps, we're near the stars
Just another cat in this spat, reveal the claws
Exposing all the facts and react, then clear the flaws
I stay joyous but cautios
Spend late nights alone in the office
I hope you enjoy it, Flawless in Orbit
Pay full attention you can afford it
Cryptic One
Atoms Fam
Track Name: From the Dreidel to the Grave
It keeps my mind at ease… but ill have you know
its times like these i miss times like those
but no
not stuck living in my past hey days
but travel there often for vacays
so make way
break away patterns
rhymes on an incline
say things that matter
chatter walking on that thin line
That rests between the rock and a hard place
between failure to signal and car chase
war pays
a bit more than crime does
blind justice no relation to that blind fuzz
that turns traffic stops to tragic shots
been aimed at too many times
police been aquitted of too many crimes
too many familys left with too many whys
broken lives
Justice is blind, id be surprised if she tried to ever open her eyes
shove them scales where the sun don't quote unquote shine
Fuck you and your okie doke eyes
Bias grows as the soul is deprived
Head of the beast quoting those rope a dope lies

Half black lives matter yall
cryptic one
Shouts to my mutts
Signing off
From the dreidel to the grave
Verse of the week
Track Name: Prune Juice
As for your lack of ambition
wise words listen
rather ask forgiveness than ask for permission
These golden rules were meant to be broken
These closed doors, meant to be pried open
In the crows nest with a crow bar
Hope to find the stash like Omar with sonar
So far this shit is just as expected
Stash house empty but the stash well protected
Im stressed out
You can tell by the size of my sighs
The man that asks why stays wise
No surprise in this recent turn of events
We spend life trying to circumvent certain death
Thats the whole kit, no caboodle
Still a pupil
Pursuit to use my noodle
Has consumed all the rubles
Not new to being frugal with cash
The world is brutal but I choose to keep my scruples intact
I dont seek your approval to rap
Just like you dont seek my approval to be brutally wack
Congrats you got us used to this crap
I dont know what behooves you to drop doodoo like that
Cryp will show you how to drop a proper deuce
Threw two (tu) off roof now tell me who got the juice
Prune episode 2
Three? Soon... Truth
Track Name: Nothings Left, All Right
I caught a fish too small, threw it back
Lost the girl let her slip through the cracks
Media, they pick and choose facts
But its alright

No hot water or gas for a week straight
Thats not a metaphor not up for debate
Took cold showers til I couldnt see straight
But its alright

Mr. Trump's still leading these polls
Dumb chumps still feeding these trolls
Discriminating based off old foreign scrolls
But its alright

Another week another crazy fucker with a gun
I never finished being angry about the other one
Or the other one, or the other one
Shits not right… or the other one

Or the other one.. times running out with my patience
Is life not sacred?
Fuck you and your aimless monkey with a stick same shtick
Cause Its not right… assholes

Episode 3
We dont have to agree
We dont have to be nice
Just know in your heart and mind

Track Name: Fish Tank
Give a man a fish he can put it in fish tank
Give that man an oyster and he expects a pearl
Give a man a gun and he can rob a big bank
But give that man a bank then he can rob the world

Grumpy as fuck… old dude yelling at the sky
like being old and wise was a curse
Realize there aint an old man alive
that wasn't a foolish little young one first

People camouflage for protection
and use deception to blend in in with the leaves
When these deceivers are surrounded by leaf eaters
them lies aint the best disguise to believe

The media is now entertainment
the quality news is found on comedy shows
Dont taste the shit that they shovel in tow
but its known most hold their nostrils and just guzzle it slow

A liar is as a liar does and when push comes to shove
The shover's holding all the cards
Look him in the eye with a shrug lost the love lost the buzz
Tattoo over the scars

Give a man a fish he can put it in fish tank
Give that man an oyster and he expects a pearl
Give a man a gun and he can rob a big bank
But give that man a bank then he can rob the world
Track Name: Get Off My Lawn
Yo remember them songs with dope raps
I miss that and phones with no apps
And now we got news with no facts
And melting snow caps
And a growing class gap

You with me… then throw a slow clap
i miss sampling without the blow back
head nods and toe taps
And rap with no trap
celebs with no paps

Im talking razzi, not smear
you wont find no poppycock here
no kale flavored lolly pops dear
This shits gotta stop and its gotta stop here

im not an asshole… its just how im drawn
give me the finger if im wrong
stomp on my grave when im gone
but first get these kids the fuck of my lawn

Get the fuck off my lawn x4

Yo remember when clubs were unsafe
But great like finding drum breaks
And when mixtapes were tapes
And backs break carrying wax plates in crates

You with me put your fist toward space
Another old man, old bones, old aches
Too proud to admit the mistakes
But not too proud to yell at these kids and their ways

Waste not want not when it comes to time
You get one life, I'm loving mine
But you trespass? It's a fucking crime
And get your own lawn and stay off of mine

im not an asshole… its just how im drawn
give me the finger if im wrong
stomp on my grave when im gone
but first get these kids the fuck of my lawn

Get the fuck off my lawn x4
Track Name: BP Oil Spill
To be or not to be
Thats the buzz
Anothing human being just being just because
Bee left the hive
Bereft of lies
Belief in greed speak respect the prize

Shit… who lives who dies in this B movie
Directed by them boys in blue
Yeah we sing the blues… but its white noise to you
Be line to breath lies and destroy the truth

Its like we choose to be slaves
consume, obey, behave then be graved
B___ lives matter
realize the chatter
believe the data when it supports their views

one breath blame media, next cite the news
to the powers that be
its your fight to lose
Well be strong be ready to the ignite the fuse
And then be ready to run
Because they're gunning for you

He had no green peas in his pod
Some Ps a few Qs
no peace in the streets
no peace on the news

piece in his belt
left a piece of himself
in pieces no wealth
so put peace on the shelf

He grabbed his piece said his piece then he bounced
a piece of what he preached was breached & renounced
cant pick up the pieces he increased all his doubt
So he grabbed the piece again and said peace and im out

fam falls to pieces they scream and they shout
disbelief in the scene that they seeing at his house
fall to their knees screaming jesus they shout
so we pour a little out
peace out
Track Name: Herstory vs History
lets start the story, keep it simple
even her kinfolk referred to her as a nympho
but really she was just a simple bimbo
that loved to get up under every pole & scream LIMBO

she loved to sin though
we aint discourage it
this wench was hot, ya needed uh gloves and oven mitts
Love? she struggled to discover it
lets call her her Kim, psuedoname, wont reveal her government

In a church she fucked a priest…
In the precinct she fucked police…
Say word?
She had a life filled with random dudes and chronic porn
Her golden halo held up by some demonic horns

Yeah we all called her names
We all partook in those games of shame
We all partook until she broke
No joke
They found her dangling from a rope
no note

Lets start the story, yup another
similar plot line but this time a brother
everyone looked at him and saw a winner
he got up under every kitty he could and screamed DINNER

he loved them all skinny, tall and fat jack
we didnt shame him, we just told him he was all that
we gave him pats on the back for all them cat traps
he told us stories, and we'd laugh like sitcom laugh tracks

we found it great, and tried to follow in his footsteps
around the way yeah you bet he had a good rep
Even the chics flocked and loved to get their feathers ruffled
Unemployed but always well dressed and never hustled

he called Kim, them same names
he took advantage of her pain & shame
years later saw him alone, no joke
panhandling on the corner beyond broke on dope

so the morals of these stories…
there are no morals in these stories
just more L's
Track Name: Mili Compili
Early to bed early to rise
Lets expose the other worldly lies
They're trading oil for some lives
Fat cats hoarding the last of the curly fries
Not one to believe in the consipracy theor'
Just want to see the delivery clear
The message still blury
The messengar? No worries
Although I think he should be living in fear
We're programed not to take that messengers life
Although that man is armed with some weapons to fight
And even if disarmed hes got his lefts and his rights
But congress wont do shit for the rest of its life
Deadbeat forefathers
Old white war mongers
Spend our healthcare on more arms and armour
Even our teeth come armed to the teeth
The bite is bigger than the bark of the beast
And my anger towards the system is just part of my grief
Im not part of the "it aint what it used to be" fleet
More like it aint what it should be a message of peace
And no, no Im no pacifist
Sometimes you find peace with a fist
But more often than not you'll find that peace with a kiss
So kumbay-fuckin-ya to these stupid little shits
That kill thousands behind a desk with a flick of their wrists
And yeah yeah
Leaders gotta lead
But leaders rarely have to bleed liters you see
And until that risk is real
They wont re-invent the wheel
They'll just give that wheel a bigger gun and shield… thats real
We have a disorder of hoarding these guns
Ordering more without a source of the funds
A classic case of "what the fuck is wrong with you son?"
You keep doing what you do and we're done
So dumb